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Kindergarten Cluster Management

The process of “Kindergarten Cluster Management” was introduced in 2003 in response to the Kirby Review of Preschool Education published in 2001 that highlighted the need to remove legislative and employer responsibility from volunteer parents.

The purpose of a Kindergarten Cluster Manager was to:  

Today the role of a Cluster Manager also includes the support of:

Loddon Mallee Preschool Association (LMPA) as a Cluster Manager

LMPA began work as a Cluster Manager in 2004, when a parent operated central enrolment service gathered a number of kindergartens to work together as one organisation.

Today, LMPA works to ensure that the services in the Loddon Mallee cluster are leading the way in times of rapid change for the early years. LMPA has developed a reputation as a strong and effective kindergarten cluster management group.

Board of Management

LMPA is overseen by a Board of Management who serves on a volunteer basis. The Board is made up of carefully selected community members who bring key skills to support LMPA such as finance, strategic planning, early childhood and IT knowledge.  Each Board member is required to operate in LMPA’s best interests, holding the Core Values and Purpose, Vision and Mission Statements as heartfelt aims.

The key areas of work for the Board of Management are:

LMPA Core Purpose and Values

The LMPA core purpose is to foster a healthy and active early childhood community throughout the Loddon Mallee region, working together to provide quality education and care for young children.
The values of LMPA are to provide:

LMPA Vision and Mission

 The key vision is that children’s services managed by LMPA will be highly regarded and sought after by families and community.

LMPA’s mission is to provide effective children’s services by:

LMPA Key Responsibilities

As the manager of early childhood services, LMPA accepts legal responsibility for:

LMPA Performance

To ensure LMPA is accountable to the early childhood community, measures of performance are undertaken on a regular basis as follows:

Mandatory evaluation

Voluntary evaluation

The outcomes of these performance measures are shared and reported at the AGM.

Further Information

For more information about LMPA, or to find out how your kindergarten can join the LMPA Cluster, contact LMPA (link to the Contact Us page)