Frequently Asked Questions

Central Enrolment Application and Process Information


  1. Preferences – Please only nominate the kindergartens you are willing to accept. Children not placed at their first preference may be offered any of their other preferences. All kindergartens have a limited number of places available. You should consider as many kindergartens as possible and include a minimum of three on your form.
  2. Parent/ Legal Guardian Name - All correspondence will be sent to the Parent/Guardian. Please provide a valid email address, as this is our preferred method of communication. 
  3. Application Fee - The enrolment application fee of $20 can be paid at any branch or agency of the Bendigo Bank, via Internet Banking, or in exact monies at the LMPA office (no cash is kept on the premises). This fee is a non-refundable service charge. Only one fee is applicable for multiple births. Please ask the bank for a receipt and attach a copy of your receipt with your application form - if not included the application form will be returned.
  4. Concession Card Holders - Enrolment is free for holders of concession cards. If you have attached a copy of a valid concession card to your enrolment application please DO NOT pay the $20 placement application fee. Enrolment application fees paid in error will not be refunded.
  5. Indigenous or known to Child Protection - Additional government funding is available for families who are indigenous or known to Child Protection. The enrolment application fee is waived for these families.  Please DO NOT pay the $20 application fee. 
  6. Incomplete Applications - No application will be processed without proof of age, concession card details and application fee. Any application form with missing information held "in limbo" until all paperwork is received.
  7. Indigenous Support - Culture - Additional funding can be provided to kindergartens to support children of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background. If this is relevant to your child, please tick the box on the form.
  8. Special Needs - Children with developmental delays or disabilities can be supported in transition to kindergarten if information about their individual needs are provided. Additional funding may also be available to support children with additional needs.
  9. Address Changes - Notify LMPA of any changes to your address immediately. Failure to do so may result in a loss of placement. (Please provide new address and approximate time of moving e.g. month/year if known.)
  10. Submitting your enrolment application  - Please return the enrolment application form and other documentation: By Registered or Express Post to: Central Enrolment Officer, C/- Loddon Mallee Preschool Association, 10A Merino Court, East Bendigo 3550
  11. Confirmation - once an application has been entered into the computer system an email will be sent to parents confirming details.


  1. Kindergarten Central Enrolment Application forms are made available by April each year.
  2. Pre-kindergarten forms are made available by August each year.
  3. Applications received by the first close date are included in the first allocation. Allocations continue to occur all year. As long as children are seeking a kindergarten place the system will continue to operate.
  4. Letters of Offer of placement for the first allocation will be sent approximately one month after the first close date. Subsequent offers will occur on a regular basis.
  5. Letters will also be sent to families that are not offered a place. This letter will request information about additional options for kindergarten placement in subsequent allocations.
  6. Families must return their acceptance or rejection of offer of a kindergarten place in writing, by returning the cut off slip in the letter of offer, within 10 days of the date of the letter. If a family cannot receive letters of offer at the end of July they should notify the Central Enrolments Officer as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to inform the Central Enrolments Officer if you are not available to receive letters of offer.
  7. Where a family has been offered a place and has not responded to the letter of offer the application will be placed on the waiting list and included in the next round of allocations. There is no guarantee that the same offer will be made.
  8. Where a family has been offered a place and not responded through three separate allocations, the application will be withheld from further placement until the family contacts the Central Enrolments Officer.
  9. The Central Enrolments Officer will send the confirmed list of children to each kindergarten when acceptances are received. The kindergartens will then contact families directly with regards to orientation and group allocation.
  10. If you receive an offer for your second or third kindergarten preference, you may accept that place and remain on the waiting list for your higher preference.
  11. Any complaints or concerns should be referred to LMPA.
  12. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the application paperwork is received by the Central Enrolments Officer.