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LMPA Strategic Plan

Planning Strategically allows organisations to thrive and grow towards a prosperous future. In developing this, our newly endorsed strategic plan, our goal as an organisation is to secure a future where LMPA leads the early childhood education and care sector and sets a new benchmark in both the development, management and delivery of educational programs for those most deserving, our children.
Please click below to view and read more about LMPA's Strategic Plan 2016.

LMPA Strategic Plan 2016 LMPA Strategic Plan 2016 (5510 KB)

Children and Family Resource Contacts

Below finds a resource sheet for each of our regions, which we have developed to assist families and children.
Each sheet includes details from healthcare to family services.

Children and Family Services Resources Bendigo Children and Family Services Resources Bendigo (507 KB)

Children and Family Services Resources Echuca Children and Family Services Resources Echuca (421 KB)

Children and Family Services Resources Swan Hill Children and Family Services Resources Swan Hill (421 KB)

Early Childhood Early Intervention

If your child is aged 0-6 years and has a disability, or if there are concerns with their development, they may be eligible to receive support from the NDIS. Your child's early years are very important s they set up how they'll learn and develop later in life. Support provided early will give your child the best chance of achieving their potential. Through participating in everyday situations, your child will be provided with opportunities grow and learn.

For further information on the below please click on following links;    

  • What is early childhood early intervention?
  • What to expect 
  • Accessing ECEI
  • The ECEI journey

Children's Goals and Interests

LMPA have developed a form for families to complete with their child to help us plan effectively.


Child Protection Parent Resources

Childwise offer a variety of free educational materials for parents including Publications, Books and Factsheets.

Please visit the Child Wise website and view the resources under Parent/Carers, Resources.

Kindergarten Inclusion Support Packages (KIS Packages)

If you have a child with a disability or additional needs the Kindergarten Inclusion Tip Sheets from the Association for Children with a Disability may be of assistance. 

Included in this 28 pages, are 3 Parent Stories, information regarding Kindergarten Inclusion Support, Choosing a Kinder and a 2nd year of Kindergarten. This is all similar to the brochures listed at the bottom of the Before Enrolment page, however they are specific to the needs of children with a disability. 

Further information about KIS packages can be found on the Department of Education and Training's website.

Kindergarten Inclusion Tip Sheets Kindergarten Inclusion Tip Sheets (7001 KB)


Child Dental Health

Do you have a child requiring a dental check up or require emergency dental care? Bendigo Health -  Pathways for Public Dental Treatment for Children provides an outline on how they can provide dental access for your children. 

School Exemption Information

Children who are turning six (compulsory school age) during the second year of funded kindergarten must be exempt from attending school from the Department of Education and Training.
Further information can be found on the Department's website (at the bottom of the page).

Health Information Links

Anaphylaxis Information
Asthma Information     

Kindergarten Inclusion Support Packages (KIS Packages)

Parenting Websites

Raising Children Network
Better Health Channel

Preschool Field Officer (PSFO)

Resources for Indigenous families and children

The following resources are highly recommended for early childhood services.

Activity Sheets

From the Keerraywoorroong dialect, Warrnambool,Victoria

Fish Fish (242 KB)

Turtle Turtle (222 KB)

Kangaroo Kangaroo (271 KB)

Cobra Cobra (256 KB)

"NEW" - The Aboriginal Languages Unit of work for level one is available at the VCAA, and a great way of sharing Aboriginal culture with children.

Aboriginal Languages Victoria

National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee

Koorie Heritage Trust Inc

Yarn Strong Sista

Sister's Dreaming

Aboriginal Fabrics

Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country - DET Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country - DET (429 KB)

Learning English as an Additional Language Learning English as an Additional Language (2442 KB)

We look forward to sharing more information with you in the future. Bookmark this page and visit it regularly for updates.


Our local independent indigenous representative, Aunty Sue Allengame suggested that staff could share the famous Australian children’s book, “Wombat Stew” with the children.

Goanna Sheets

Finger Puppets Finger Puppets (193 KB)


There is a song called Wombat Wobbles that is fun for children (link to with an accompanying dance.

LMPA would love to promote your celebrations and our Indigenous Culture by posting photos of celebrations, please send them to LMPA (link to contact us page to relevant person). Please do not identify children for privacy reasons.