Kangaroo Flat Preschool

National Quality Standard Rating - Exceeding

Address: 1 Carpenter Street, Kangaroo Flat MAP


Phone: 03 5447 7675



2018 Session Times

Green Group - Monday & Thursday - 8:30-4:00

Red Group - Tuesday & Wednesday - 8:30-4:00

Blue Group - Tuesday & Friday - 8:30-4:00

Yellow Group - Wednesday & Friday - 8:30-4.00

(Kangaroo Flat has a rotating kindergarten model)

Start of year information

Please refer to:

Start of Year information - Kangaroo Flat Start of Year information - Kangaroo Flat (283 KB)


Educational Team

Nominated Supervisor: Suzanne 

Educational Leader: Suzanne 

Educational Team: Alyce, Amanda, Joanne, Julie-Anne, Pieta, Samantha, Suzanne


Our Philosophy

Kangaroo Flat Philosophy Kangaroo Flat Philosophy (106 KB)


Our educators have provided some answers to some 'Frequently Asked Questions' to assist you in developing a better understanding of the Kindergarten.

Kangaroo Flat Preschool FAQs Kangaroo Flat Preschool FAQs (203 KB)