South Bendigo Kindergarten

National Quality Standard Rating - Meeting

Address: 23 Somerville Street, Bendigo VIC 3550 MAP


Phone: 03 5443 3861




2018 Session Times

Kindergarten:          Echidnas    -     Tuesday & Thursday 8:30-6:00

                                (Long day program attracts additional fees) 

                                    Wombats      -       Wednesday & Friday 8:30-4:00

Prekindergarten:     Monday 9:00 - 12.00


Start of Year Information

Please refer to:

Start of Year information - South Bendigo Start of Year information - South Bendigo (208 KB)



Educational Team

Nominated Supervisor: Crystal

Educational Leader: Crystal

Educational Team:  Cindy, Crystal, Jacqui, Julie-Anne, Sharleen


Our Philosophy

'Fostering the Learning Journey'

The educators at South Bendigo Kindergarten acknowledge that parents are a child’s first and most influential educators. The educators seek to work in collaboration with parents to develop their child’s strengths and capabilities throughout their time at kindergarten.

The educators at South Bendigo Kindergarten recognise that children and their families bring to kinder a pre-existing and diverse sense of identity which has been established through family, cultural and community relationships. The educators work in partnership with children and their families to develop their child’s sense of identity further. The educators interact with children and their families with empathy and respect.

Kindergarten is an extension of learning to belong to another social group. The educators endeavour to support children with recognising and accepting the challenges of, and construct meaning from, the social and physical environments through their participation in both play and the daily routines of the kindergarten program. Children are encouraged to build on their own social experiences through the relationships they establish, and to broaden their understanding of the concept of community. The educators, working in partnership with parents, assist children to learn about their world by building on all social experiences.  The educators encourage children to develop an appreciation of their natural and constructed environments, so they are able to benefit from this understanding throughout their life-long journey.

The educators at South Bendigo Kindergarten aim to provide an environment where children feel safe, secure and nurtured. Children should feel comfortable in sharing their happiness, humour and fulfilment through their participation in the social, emotional and physical aspects of the kindergarten program. The educators support children to be responsible for the development of their own health and wellbeing. The educators will reinforce in children their capabilities and independence whilst they continue to develop their understanding of the needs and rights of others.


A kindergarten, whether in a stand-alone setting or as part of an early childhood centre, is recognised as the beginning of a child’s formal learning to actively participate in society. Kindergarten is where children learn to play, work and socialise with their peers. Parents are encouraged to share their experiences and desires for their child with the educators, and to assist in helping their child take the next step in becoming confident and involved learners. The educators at South Bendigo Kindergarten work in consultation with parents and children, sharing the decision-making process with respect and trust.

Children are encouraged to express their feelings, ideas and understandings in a safe and welcoming environment where their contribution is respected. Children are also encouraged to share their thoughts and views constructively, whilst understanding the needs and rights of their peers. 
The educator’s role is to support children in becoming effective communicators, building on the literacies of the home. 



Our educators have provided some answers to some 'frequently asked questions' to assist you in developing a better understanding of the kindergarten.

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