Spring Gully Kindergarten

National Quality Standard Rating - Exceeding

Address: 131 Spring Gully Road, Spring Gully VIC 3550 MAP


Phone: 03 5443 5980




2017 Session Times

Group A - Monday & Wednesday 8.15-3.45

Group B - Monday 8.15-3.45 & Thursday 1.15-4.45 & Friday 8.00-12.00

Group C - Monday (Bush) 9.00-12.00 & Tuesday 8.15-3.45 & Thursday 8.00-12.30

Group D - Wednesday 8.15-3.45 & Thursday 1.15-4.45 & Friday 8.00-12.00

Pre-kindergarten - Friday 1.15-3.45

Start of Year Information

For start of year information please refer to:

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Educational Team

Nominated Supervisor: Melodie

Educational Leader: Meldodie

Educational Team:  Carolyn, Erin, Jenny, Jessica, Karen, Melodie, Michelle, Nicole, Sandra,



Our Philosophy

Early Childhood & the role of kindergarten is an important & exciting time in everyone’s lives. It is a time to play, explore, develop concepts, build relationships & become part of a group within our community. It is also a time to celebrate being a child & to have fun!

The child’s family are their first & most important educators. The child’s life experiences, relationships & opportunities will shape their learning and development in diverse ways. Each child is unique and each child learns at different rates and ways and in different stages.

Within the kindergarten environment, children bring with them this immense diversity. In collaboration with the child’s family, we provide support to nurture, encourage and engage children in learning. We are family centred, respecting the pivotal role of families as we build on prior learning and experiences. Our role as Early Childhood educators is to listen actively to parents/guardians sharing as much as we can about the children we work with.

We establish caring and respectful relationships with the children and families as we work together to deliver effective learning and developmental experiences that are relevant to children in their local contexts. This is the basis of the rapport from which a secure connectedness and a sense of belonging will emerge. We are welcoming and inclusive- our open door policy includes siblings and extended families and friends.

We seek to strengthen a positive sense of identity. To support and enhance children’s connectedness to their world, assisting them to belong in the context of their varied communities. We encourage a satisfying sense of wellbeing that is reflected in their social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. An emergent, confident and involved learner responds to active participation in their play based learning. They inquire and use their imaginations and curiosity to explore, experiment and discover through uninterrupted blocks of play and their growing relationships with each other and educators. We provide a wide range of media through which children can communicate verbally and non verbally strengthening their ability to express their feelings and thoughts, enhancing their wellbeing and identity. The Victorian Early Years Learning and Developmental Framework underpin our programming and guide us in our practice.

We believe children learn best when engaged and involved in the programme. Getting to know the children, their skills, knowledge and their interests is vital to developing a successful programme. Children need opportunities to try new experiences, practice skills and to be challenged in their thinking and abilities. We plan with intention but are also flexible to diverge when new interests or unforeseen circumstances arise. Periods of long uninterrupted time are scheduled (when appropriate) to play both inside and out this allows children opportunities to really engross themselves and extend play. We set up the environment to be welcoming, interesting and provide opportunities for quiet, reflective play and also cooperative play.

Our natural environment is conducive in these processes as we connect children and families to their wider community through the bushland setting that surrounds the City of Greater Bendigo. We believe it is important to foster a generation of children who are environmentally responsive and responsible. To encourage qualities of confidence, resilience and physical health in children and families, challenging the risk averse approach to play. We give children the freedom to play imaginatively in a natural environment without the need for artificial props thus creating tactile and sensory opportunities for learning, discovery and wonder in our immediate natural environment.

We encourage children to become intrinsic learners, where they are self- motivated, inquire and investigate in order to make new discoveries and develop an understanding of the world around them. We encourage positive social behaviour and experiences with peers. We role model to the children in all our interactions and support them to use appropriate language and behaviour to develop positive social interactions.

We will support and work collaboratively as a team of staff, contributing with our different strengths and skills and to continue to learn from each other.

It is important to reflect on our practice and take part in professional development and continue developing as Early Childhood Educators.

Bush Kindergarten

Spring Gully Bush Kinder is located in South Mandurang behind the site of the Mandurang South Primary School. We are on an elevated site, resembling an amphitheatre. We are very lucky to overlook several paddocks that have kangaroos awaiting us each morning. The site contains a variety of grasses, shrubs and trees with a protective canopy of gums and a few pines. We have both rocky and soft soils and a variety of plants in flower for 9 months of the year. An interesting array of communities share our site with us, sometimes they are just below the leaf litter, beneath rocks and bark or they are sleeping in a tree whilst we play. Our site was once used by aboriginal children who played, lived and sourced their food there. We honour, respect and are growing towards learning about our history.

We attend each Monday morning for 3 hours, excepting for extreme weather conditions. Protective clothing allows us to play in the rain.