Why Work For LMPA?

LMPA aims to be an employer of choice. The LMPA team believes that the provision of high quality children’s services is only possible with highly qualified, experienced and well supported staff.

What Supports are Available for LMPA Staff?

LMPA supports its staff by:

Each kindergarten has an Educational Leader supported by a team comprised of Bachelor, Diploma and/or Certificate 3 Qualified Staff. We also have a designated Early Years Advisor for each kindergarten who actively supports the staff and committees through regular visits.

LMPA has set processes in place that support each kindergarten so that communication is clear about the roles of all involved. Staff, committees and the general public are invited to comment on the development and review of policy and procedure that is then agreed and consistent across all services.

A significant process has been established to support all services to work toward high quality aims, with a system in place to prepare each service and staff member for its Quality Assessment and Rating visit. LMPA services are showing their preparedness in the high level of rating being given by DEECD.

LMPA’s recruitment processes are designed to ensure the best conversations possible are had with each applicant. Our process is extensive with both pre-interview options, and significant follow-up to ensure the best fit for each service. Staff at services can be involved in the process and we encourage the support of volunteer parent committees where appropriate.