Aspire Early Education and Kindergarten

Address: 1a The Terrace, Flora Hill 3551

Phone: 03 5441 1362



3 and 4 Year Old Kindergarten Hub

Our Kindergarten program aims for children to develop lifelong skills and the confidence to take the next step in their individual learning journey, within our Connect, Learn and Grow philosophy.

Kindergarten is crucial to children’s successful transition into school. We offer dedicated 3 and 4-year-old programs that are designed to be inclusive to all children’s stages of development, and work closely with families to ensure every child can meet their full potential.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum that is delivered in a safe and stimulating environment by qualified teachers and educators.

Kindergarten is focused on building social and emotional skills as children learn to develop self-regulation and resilience in their learning. The programs are delivered in a fun, play based environment that engages active young minds.

Some of our key focuses are:

  • communication skills – using words that are appropriate to the situation; smiling, using eye contact and listening
  • literacy skills – the ability to speak, listen, understand, watch and draw
  • social skills – taking turns, following rules, cooperating, managing conflict and helping others. This also includes supporting children to develop the skills and confidence to join group play while also take into consideration how others might feel and being kind, helpful and respectful
  • independence – allowing each child the autonomy to make their own choices (where safe and appropriate), and to take responsibility for those choices

Aspire ELC and Kindergarten

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